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The Break Up Break Down Discord: I'm a realist. And love, like all things warm and fuzzy, isn't real.
The Break Up Break Down Spike: [sighs] Another Hearts and Hooves Day. Love is in the air, Discord. Look at all these happy couples.
The Break Up Break Down Spike: Ohhhh. She hasn't seen him yet. Take note, Discord. This is what love is all about.
The Break Up Break Down Spike: Make fun of me all you want. But look at Big Mac's face and tell me you don't believe in love.
The Break Up Break Down Discord: Lesson one – nothing can break your heart if you only love yourself. You've got to show everypony that you're too cool to be bothered with so-called love. Observe.
The Break Up Break Down Spike: [sighs] What if you're right, Discord? What if love isn't real at all?
Magic Duel Spike: Your magic has really improved since we came to Ponyville, Twilight. Princess Celestia's going to love it.
Just for Sidekicks Spike: All I'm saying is, if Fluttershy thought that her beloved little friend shouldn't be left alone while you're busy in the Crystal Empire, then maybe that's just something to think about.
The Times They Are A Changeling Spike: That would be from the royal Crystalling. It's pretty much a giant outpouring of light and love for a new baby.
Dungeons & Discords Discord: Trendy coats? Bedrolls? Saddlebags? Oh! A surprise vacation just for the two of us? How thoughtful. I hear Puerto Caballo is lovely this time of year. Sand like powdered sugar. [blows]
Owl's Well That Ends Well Spike: [hiccup] Even if my tummy's full, the rest of me is still empty. I miss Twilight and the pony gang. But she doesn't love me anymore. So, I'm better off here, all by myself. Wow. Seems to be getting warmer. The steam is great for my complexion, but it's sure getting hot in here.
Equestria Games Spike: [clears throat] [singing out of time and rhythm] Oh, we're the Wonderbolts and we're super fast And we're from Cloudsdale which-is-a-part-of-Equestria  [laughs nervously] That we like best and we're proud and we're fast and we like it because it really has nice trees Yeah, we love the town because it's so cool and, and we like to fly really fast and everything like that [sighs] I kinda wish this was over 'cause it is... n't... yet... over... now.
Triple Threat Spike: Uh, I... I said, "It's all clean in here!" Uh, you must be hungry from your travels. Please, I'd love to present you with an official friendship welcome banquet.
Celestial Advice Discord: Anytime. I really do love being helpful.
The Hearth's Warming Club Spike: Sure we do! I love Hearth's Warming Eve! It's all about friends and presents and family and... presents!